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Ka-Je Projek brings forward a merger between Dance/Trance music, Urban and praise and worship. Following a short career as a DJ in the Southeast, the members’ explored individual talents, met various producers and continued to expand their knowledge and contacts in the music industry. Their freshman release, Get to Know Me, was a true underground love of most record pools across the country and caught the eye of renowned DJ, Angel Morales. The exposure led to a licensing opportunity and digital airplay. Following a four-year hiatus from writing and producing, Ka-Je Projek reconnected with producers like Jason Randolph and Jimmy Brown found new producers like Digital Aura and ShootingStar. In the spring of 2012 writer and vocalist of the duo started aggressively seeking collaborations from various established and new producers. This showcased the variety of talent and enhanced the praise songwriting aspect of their talent. This led to an opportunity to work with DJ LFE on his release on NewHeart Records just to name one of many projects she has assisted with.

Ka-Je Projek has written two small tip books, conducted various songwriting and “indie-growth” workshops, regular artist coaching sessions and supports various musicians from the next generation. While doing this  the team members are also personal trainers and create music for workout sessions while continuing to keep skills fresh in writing and occasionally performing. With a willing and helping demeanor, you never know what nuggets she can provide for your project.


The big move to this new site has happened and I am super excited. I have wanted a WordPress site that would combine my music, songwriter books, blogs and everything else I do related to music and I think I have found a home. Stay tuned for new updates and until everything is moved over, you can sign up for the newsletter or visit www.soundofyoumusiccoaching.weebly.com


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